Numbers, facts, diagrams with some colorful lines… sounds boring and complicated at first? It does not have to!

This is often the secret of success and helps to better understand one’s own business. Those who keep an eye on their salon’s key figures can make more targeted decisions, identify trends more easily and react more quickly to changes.

Your key figures at a glance

  • Clear presentation in graphics and tables
  • Sales statistics – separated by services, sales of products on daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Measure and optimize the advertising success of marketing measures
  • Evaluations over longer periods of time and flexible nesting of multiple dimensions
  • Evaluate sales, costs, ROI, gap analyses or simply the best-selling products

The studiolution Business Analyzer

You can compile and save your own statistics with just a few clicks. Quite simply and quickly, access to your own key figures is possible at any time without paperwork.

These are the most important functions:

  • Assemble your own statistics
  • Interactive graphics for each evaluation
  • Create and save custom templates
  • Evaluations over longer periods of time and flexible nesting of multiple dimensions
  • Excel export function

Sales analyses

If you want to analyze your sales, it is “nice” to know the sales per day, week or month. With studiolution, this is also automatically compared with the previous year. This allows you to see at a glance whether your business is growing or shrinking. In addition, sales can also be evaluated per working hour, appointment hour, weekday or employee.

Tip: The turnover per appointment hour is particularly exciting, as you can see how much an employee can get out of one hour of service to a customer. Maybe there is a sales talent ­čśë And maybe he can tell the others his tips so the whole team can benefit.

Product and performance analyses

What are the most profitable services and the best-selling products? With the help of this evaluation, product orders can be optimized or a price increase can be planned. Particularly in the case of price increases, the mistake is repeatedly made of simply raising everything by 10%, for example. It is important to only raise the price for services that are worthwhile.

Example: A hairdressing business makes 50% of its turnover with only 3 services.
Find out what those benefits are in your case!

Customer analysis

Two particularly interesting analyses are the existing and new customer analyses. This allows you to evaluate how much sales are made with new customers, existing customers or walk-in customers for any period of time. In addition, it can be analyzed per employee how well each individual manages to keep new customers coming back.

Why is something like this important? If you make your sales mainly from new customers, you may be a kind of “flow heater” where customers don’t stay for long. You can recognize this for each individual employee and take countermeasures if necessary.

Appointment statistics

With the appointment statistics you have an overview of the number and the turnover of the appointments. A distinction is made between which appointments were booked online via your personal booking page on studiobookr and which were booked in the store. The statistics can also give you a forecast based on the already entered dates in the future.

Especially for those who use online booking, this can be very exciting as it allows you to track the trend of bookings. For some companies, up to 50% of customers already book their appointments online!

Deadline analysis and discount reports

How much revenue are you missing out on due to cancelled appointments or discounts? With studiolution, it’s easy to find out – numerous reports give you the answer with just one click.
It is often frightening what 10% average discount alone costs in terms of sales at the end of a year…

Thanks to the holistic view of sales, appointments and employees, you can of course also see per employee if appointments are canceled more often and what value they would have had.
The beauty of this is that you can call up all analyses from anywhere in the world – even in parallel, from vacation or at home on the couch.