The unique
all-in-one POS System.

For hairdressers,
Practices, cosmetic, tattoo & nail studios.

POS System, scheduler, online appointment booking,
SMS & email marketing, time tracking, statistics
and DATEV export for the tax consultant

This is what our customers say on Trustpilot. Excellent 4.9 out of 5.

Cash register system

Checkout appointments and products in seconds!
More about the POS system

NEW: studiolution Pay

Payment with the terminal and/or by payment link on the cell phone or as online payment.
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No scrolling, no searching – all appointments always and everywhere.
More about the appointment book

Customer management / file

Take loving care of your customers. studiolution takes care of the rest.
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Online appointment booking

Customers can book around the clock. Even on Facebook.
More about online appointment booking

And that’s still in there, too:

Pssst…. here you can find (almost) all functions at a glance.

Cash register system


“Cashing up must be easy – even without operating instructions!”


Thanks to the integration of appointment book, customer file and cash register, all information is constantly available. Vouchers can be easily posted and devices such as receipt printers and barcode scanners are easy to connect.

Scheduling – the calendar always with you


“Scheduling as fast and easy as pen and paper!”


The appointment book is often the heart of the business. It is accessible from anywhere in the world and also offers your customers the possibility to book around the clock – if you want to. In addition, you can lovingly remind your customers of the appointments via SMS and of course much more…

NEW: studiolution Pay

“Conveniences payments with unique flexibility”

studiolution Pay is the innovative payment system from studiolution. Unlike other EC payment providers, it is not a foreign object. The amounts do not have to be typed. In addition, you benefit from numerous advantages such as no extra receipt printer, automatic chargebacks in the event of cancellations and simple data transfer to tax consultants.

There are three ways to use studiolution Pay:

  • studiolution Pay Terminal
    The SL Pay Terminal is the classic – an EC terminal for business. Clients are on site and pay by card, cell phone or smartwatch. The difference to “Pay Link” is that payment by Girocard is possible at the terminal. However, the payer must be on site.

Possible payment methods:

  • studiolution Pay Link
    Clients receive a payment link via SMS, which they can use to pay on their own smartphone. It doesn’t matter whether the customer does it immediately in the store or, for example, on the road or at home. Pay Link is ideal for Click & Collect, telephone orders or when Clients have forgotten their wallets.

Possible payment methods:

  • studiolution Pay Online
    Pay Online is simple online payment – as you know it from many online stores. Clients can pay directly on the website – e.g. for online vouchers and later for down payments or product purchases.

Possible payment methods:

Customer management


“Exceptional service is only possible with knowledge of the customer!”


The customer file is an integral part of the cash register and the appointment book. You can see not only at a glance what customers love, have bought or what allergies they have… You can also see what a customer is worth… and you should rather put down one – or two cups of coffee ūüėČ

By the way: Our customer management is also available as a customer file app for tablets. Customer information is even more readily available in-store via the app. Using the integrated SelfService, your customers can enter their master data, preferences, images or even medical history information completely independently on the tablet.

Online appointment booking – without extra costs, simply in


“Service also means giving customers the freedom to book an appointment anytime, anywhere!”


Online appointment booking is a service for customers and an enormous relief for the business. New customers are added directly to the customer file – without having to type themselves and appointments can be collected just as quickly as if they had been entered themselves. It’s not a loss of control – on the contrary, everything can be adjusted and end users love it.

Did you know that 42% of all online appointments are booked between 6pm and 9am – i.e. while you’re sleeping? The rest is booked during normal opening hours, for which you don’t even have to answer the phone. This also relieves the burden on smaller stores in particular.

Why studiolution?

Simple operation

To be simple is hard and is our highest good! We don’t want you to have to reach for the instruction manual all the time. Our success is when we don’t stand out – except by saving you time and generating more sales.

Free support & setup

You should not feel bad about needing our help. We want you to have a great product experience at all times so you’ll recommend us to others. Because we live from recommendations. So just call!

Unbeatably favorable

studiolution is fair and transparent. There are no extra costs for e.g. online scheduling, statistics or DATEV export. You can also manage as many employees as you want at the same time. We want to support you, not “milk” you.

Automatic updates

We regularly update our software and add useful features without increasing the complexity. It is important for us to be simple. We’re not saying we’re perfect – but we’re getting a little better every day. That is what drives us.

No small print

There is no contract commitment & notice periods. You do not enter into a contract commitment with your test period, but the test simply expires if you do not want us. We want customers who are with us because they want to be, not because they have to be.
Just try it out.

GoBD certified

Certification means that independent auditors have closely examined and certified studiolution and the company in accordance with the GoBD principles. In fact, we’ve done that twice. I’m sure that will make you and us sleep better.

What do our customers say?

“I think the price-performance ratio is great. It was always clear to me that what the others were charging was a rip-off. I was convinced by the simplicity and presentation of studiolution.”

Josef Wieser
Owner hair studio Wieser

“Personally, I could never work with the paper book again. With studiolution, everything – appointment book, checkout and online booking – is made really easy and you find your way around quickly and intuitively.”

Oddy Dillamar

Owner Heart Blood Hairdressers


“My clients can secure an appointment even at three in the morning, and I can see in real time what’s going on in my salon, who’s new, which client has booked online and at what time. It’s all for the better for me!”

Patrick Blomenhofer
Owner pa.blo hairdressers

This is what our customers say on Trustpilot. Excellent 4.9 out of 5.

Cards on the table – what does studiolution cost?

Select term:
Select number of employees:


Appointment management
incl. Online booking

Package USCHI
Setup & Support

= No calculation possible ‚ā¨

(corresponds to No calculation possible ‚ā¨ / year)
Functional scope:
  • Scheduling
  • Online appointment booking
  • Customer management
  • SMS & Email Marketing
  • Time recording
  • Optional: SMS dispatch

    (2,50 ‚ā¨/month plus 7 cents per SMS)


POS system & management
incl. Uschi

No calculation possible ‚ā¨
TSE Costs*
6,95 ‚ā¨
Setup & Support

= No calculation possible ‚ā¨

(corresponds to No calculation possible ‚ā¨ / year)
Functional scope:
    • Scheduling
    • Online appointment booking
    • Customer management
    • SMS & Email Marketing
    • Time recording
    • Optional: SMS dispatch

      (2,50 ‚ā¨/month plus 7 cents per SMS)

  • Certified GoBD compliant cash register
  • Voucher system
  • Cash accounting & financial reports
  • DATEV export for the tax consultant
  • Interface for auditors
  • Extensive statistics
  • Staff area
  • Free phone & email support
  • Optional: studiolution Pay (EC terminal)
  • TSE incl. DS FinVK export
We believe you come from:

What else is included? Free support, no commission costs, e.g. for online appointment bookings, free personal training.
By the way, the trial version is fully functional except for SMS sending and can be used later on – if you want. Your data will not be lost.

*Note: Costs for statutory TSE in Germany. More info on the KassensichV.

All prices are net and do not include VAT. statutory value added tax.

studiolution is KassenSichV compliant

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