Time recording

In studiolution you can not only maintain the times via the duty roster, but there is also a very comprehensive and at the same time simple actual time recording.
With simple check-in / check-outs, employees can record their actual working hours.

The studiolution time recording

  • Recording of working times per check-in/check-out
  • Management page for manual entry or correction of recorded times
  • Store individual settings
  • Export of a working time table with comparison of target/actual working times for any period of time

Setting options

  • Check-in/check-out by code (RFID reader, barcode, etc.) or also by click

  • Clocking to the minute, 5, 15 min

  • Earliest possible check-in can be set (start can be set)

  • Auto check-out at the end of the target working time in case the check-out was forgotten

  • Automatic crediting of hours for vacation, sickness & school

  • Deposit of individual target times per day

  • Automatic break deduction

Clean time tracking leads to proper payroll, more structure and control in the business. This is reason enough for us to integrate a reliable and, above all, legally secure solution for recording actual working hours in studiolution.

The absenteeism report

This clearly lists all absences per employee, such as vacations, illness or school.
Absences can be recorded via the duty roster and can be filtered per employee.
This way, you never lose track of vacations or even sick days, for example.