Marketing means “communication” to most. Communication is only one part of it.
Marketing also includes how and which services you sell to your customers – and at what price.
When you “think in marketing terms”, you are also thinking about your customers and how you can make them happy.
Often, it’s just a little nudge or a little attention that turns customers into even more loyal customers and, on the
best, to recommenders. For example, by a small surprise for a birthday or a reminder of an appointment.

First class service through marketing

Make your customers feel like you care and that they matter to you. You will see that you will turn your customers into referrers and generate new customers.

  • Trigger SMS sent automatically on specific occasions
  • Targeted email and SMS campaigns to selected customers
  • Customization incl. personal salutation
  • Full cost control through comprehensive reports

Trigger SMS

Trigger SMS are, so to speak, automatic marketing with service in mind. Once set – you don’t have to do anything – the SMS will always go out automatically on a certain event. You can offer the following services:

  • Appointment reminder 24 h before the appointment

  • Appointment list as SMS to cell phone

  • Birthday SMS

  • “Thank you SMS” and rating reminder after your client has left the store again

Your customers will love it and recommend you more as a result. Appointment cancellations are a thing of the past and your ability to plan increases. Because nothing is worse than idling.

Email and SMS campaigns

This is where the advantage of linking the POS system, customer file and schedule becomes clear. Because the campaigns are based on precisely this data.

In the case of e-mail or SMS campaigns, you can send a message to your customers based on, for example, frequency of visits, sales, last appointment, etc.
This allows you, for example, to attract customers who have not been with you for a long time and at the same time have a high turnover.
simply write to them and perhaps win them back as customers with a small voucher.

Of course, these messages can also be personalized. You can use it to promote your next event,
also send a festive e-mail at Christmas. And best of all, you don’t even have to be in the store to do it.
You can do that from anywhere on the planet, you just have to log in and you can start right away.