So easy and fast to use, as if you had pencil and paper in your hand. Large and beautiful to the eye at the same time.
Our Scheduling was designed with ample practical experience and attention to detail.

The heart of your business

  • Child’s play and quick to operate – without scrolling and searching
  • Optimally deploy employees and prevent planning errors
  • Identify free dates at an early stage
  • Integrated online appointment scheduling via studiobookr for your customers (optional)


The Scheduling can be used for all kinds of industries. For hairdressers, beauticians, nail salons, dog salons, medical practices or alternative practitioners and many many more…scheduling becomes a breeze:

  • The studiolution Scheduling is always with you. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

  • Effortlessly identify which customer wants which services. You can get more details by clicking on his customer file.

  • Split appointments make it possible to flexibly distribute the services for a customer appointment among several employees.

  • According to your taste: You can define your own colors for employees as well as for services.

  • There is no need for tedious searching: The Scheduling itself finds the next available appointment for the desired employee.

  • With the help of individual break times, you can reserve time off in the usual working hours in no time at all.

  • We just love it! That’s why fancy icons help you to immediately recognize appointments of new customers, online bookings and cashed appointments.

Duty rosters made easy

In the duty roster management, the working hours of the employees can be planned and defined in detail.
The times, together with the opening hours, form the basis for the Scheduling.

Deviating from the opening hours, you can maintain individual working hours of the employees – and to make it faster: With one single time, you create as many repetitions as you want for the future.
If you wish, you can have holidays entered automatically – according to your state. In addition, sickness, absence and vacation days can be entered.
High-contrast colors help to identify the presence status of employees at a glance.