studiolution – The hairdressing software

Hairdressers need a POS System that simply works.
No one likes to stand in the salon all day with the instruction manual.
In the software developed especially for hairdressers, the appointment book is at the center of the action in addition to the cash register.
In addition, the
customer management
is directly integrated.
This means that you can access your Clients ‘ data at any time – with just one click.
Everything together is conceivably simple to operate – allso no fear ­čśë

Software for hairdressers – what’s the point?

The software runs on almost any device that can access the Internet.
Preferably, our Clients use all-in-one PCs, Macs, laptops or even tablets.

We recommend a reasonable “workhorse” – after all, it should not only be small in size – but also facilitate everything in practice. Most of the time you still have something at home and don’t have to buy anything new. This makes our hairdressing software inexpensive and from the accessories design very flexible and to your own liking.

  • Appointments, cash register and customer management always at hand

  • Almost complete flexibility in accessories – from Mac to PC and without expensive leasing contract

  • Employee management, duty rosters, time recording

  • Lots of financial reporting and DATEV export for tax consultants

  • Support and setup simply included – no extra costs, no fine print

Around dates

For most hairdressers the
appointment book
the center of the work – so also at studiolution. In contrast to the handwritten appointment book, all appointments are always available everywhere. So you don’t have to be in the business to know what’s going on and where there are still gaps. Appointments can be cashed with one click – without having to type everything again.

Nothing is worse than missed deadlines. Possibly another long appointment over 2 – 3 hours. The customer does not come and the walk-in customer has just been sent home, because it was full… Therefore, an automatic appointment reminder via SMS is also integrated.

Our goal has always been to develop hairdressing software that is affordable and easy to use – yet can do “everything”. From our point of view, this only makes sense if the cash register and the appointment book can be used optimally both on their own and together.

online booking – let Clients book themselves

Online appointment booking via studiobookr is also a great help. This is simply integrated into studiolution – without extra costs or commission payments. Of course, you don’t have to use them, but you can at any time – if you want. Our recommendation is to use this little helper. It is absolutely simple for the hairdresser and the Clients.

Clients simply use it to book their appointments themselves. No one has to run to the phone and no one has to have Clients ‘ names spelled out, because the Clients enter everything themselves. The customer data is automatically stored in the customer file. It has been proven 1000 times and please don’t be afraid of giving up control… either. Each hairdressing service can be set precisely: which employee is allowed to do this service, how long does it last, can the service be split, etc.

The POS System – relief in the hairdresser everyday life

Cashing up times simple! The
POS System
is fully integrated with appointment calendar & Co. But the cash register can also be used separately. However, it unfolds its great strength in interaction with the appointment book. Because every appointment can be cashed with a few clicks.

Products and coupons can be added via barcode scanner. Giving discounts is almost too much fun and the customer file is also accessible at any time. Of course, sales can be divided among any number of hairdressers. In addition, you can use as many devices as you like at the same time – for example, if there is a traffic jam at the checkout. Especially in hair salons, this is often the case that the phone rings and one makes an appointment while another wants to collect. For example, you could have a PC in the store at the same time as a tablet or another PC for payment.

At the checkout, things simply have to move fast. Besides, employees change from time to time – a training course should not take 4 hours. We have made it our task to build a simple yet comprehensive checkout software for hairdressers. Anyone can do complicated – simple is hard ­čśë

The cash register also offers great features like:

  • Spontaneous discounts and price adjustments
  • Pieces and quantities for strands, extensions and others
  • Enter products and vouchers manually or via the scanner
  • Assign sales to different employees

Marketing in salon

Marketing is beautiful – if you use it right. Marketing is not only a discipline in the company, but above all an attitude – namely customer orientation. And that should basically be the rule in the salon. studiolution supports hairdressers with smart tools without overloading. The most important asset of a hairdresser is to get as many Clients as possible to come back. At the same time, this is also the most beautiful compliment that a client can give a hairdresser.

Trigger SMS can be used, for example, to send appointment reminders via SMS – or even
birthday SMS
and some others more. You set this type of SMS once and then they work quite automatically. This increases the service level in the store enormously and simply makes Clients happier.

There is also the possibility to send campaigns. And, of course, it is also important here not to simply send a newsletter to everyone, but only to those who are also affected. For example, the hairdresser can select Clients who have not been there for 30 days and otherwise have a turnover per visit of over ÔéČ80. So the right Clients for my next event evening, for example.

But marketing would be worth nothing without the analysis – and for that there are tons of statistics that really help and don’t just show the turnover (don’t worry – there are also turnover statistics ;-)).

Statistics for hairdressers – do not worry, does not hurt…

In the statistics is the secret of the success of a hairdresser. What many hairdressers often forget is that the craft is only part of the success. It’s usually a triad of personality, business management and craftsmanship. It’s not enough to look at your sales once a month and find it interesting when they go up or down. It is much more important to know why. That’s why studiolution is like a small business consultancy for hairdressers. Numbers are analyzed and presented in an easy to read way.

For example, you can find out exactly what percentage of new customers can be converted into repeat customers – per employee. Or you can see exactly how much revenue an employee gets out per 1 hour of service to the Clients. The statistics also show with which services actually how often how much revenue is made to optimize the price list. For example, a hairdresser already makes 50% of his sales with 3 services – did you know that? And yet, time and again, we receive price lists with more than 100 items that have been worked out down to the smallest detail… Keep it simple – studiolution helps ­čśë

Accounting – please do not!?

Yes – most people don’t want to have anything to do with this issue. The good news: You don’t have to, but you can. studiolution tries to keep the accounting as simple as possible. If you don’t want to, you don’t even come into contact with account assignments. The chart of accounts is automatically stored and the settings in the cash register can be done in speaking names and not in account numbers.

The cash book is created automatically. The posting batch for the tax advisor is also created automatically and can be sent with one click at the end of the month. No more paperwork and the hassle of filling out a cash book at the end of each month.

Nevertheless, we constantly inform about changes in the law and also advise tax consultants e.g. in questions of taxation of vouchers, etc.. The studiolution POS System has already been extensively certified several times according to GoBD by independent auditors.