Finance and tax advisor

“I am a craftsman and actually want to have as little to do with finances and accounting as possible ” – we often hear.

For most, “finance” is a boring topic or something they would prefer to have nothing to do with
– Yet it is often precisely behind the “finances” that the key to a company’s success or failure lies.

The studiolution cash register system combines both – “nothing to do with accounting” and still have the numbers under control.

Save time and nerves

  • The cash book of your POS system is kept automatically.
  • Your tax preparer paperwork is done in two minutes at the end of the month.
  • Your tax consultant will receive pre-accounted tables for import at DATEV.
  • This means you have more time for the important things in life such as your partner, family, friends and of course your Clients.

Financial analysis

studiolution gives you answers to questions that really get you ahead with its financial analyses, such as:

  • How much revenue do you generate from one hour of Clients service (per employee)?

  • Which employee is most successful in converting new customers into existing customers and how much revenue does he generate with them

  • With which services or products do you already generate 50% of your sales? (Answer: Mostly only three services)

  • How much discount do you give per year in euros? You’ll be surprised how many thousands of dollars a year are lost on “5% here and 10% there” discounts.

That is, you know – and no longer just assume. You uncover weak points and can react in a targeted manner. No, financial analysis is not about doing the taxman a favor, it’s about getting better and generating more revenue.

In addition, there is a huge statistics section where all analyses are easy to read and just a click away.

Tax consultant cost calculator

Our free tax advisor cost calculator will help you calculate what your monthly and annual tax advisor costs should be – all with just one click.


studiolution has been tested by independent auditors for the second time in a row and is certified according to the “Principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access” (GoBD for short) of the German Federal Ministry of Finance.
Among other things, the following was tested:

  • Non-manipulability of data

  • 10 years retention period of turnovers

  • Interface for auditors

Is an electronic cash register mandatory?

No! Many interested people call us and express that they have to change, because of the tax office.
This is wrong. Theoretically, you can also continue to work with “shoebox and calculator”, since the GoBD do not apply to manual cash management.
However, this will not get you anywhere – you will not get any better and will not relieve yourself or your tax advisor.
You will also have less insight into your business and will still have to live with your “paperwork”.

Our tip: If you don’t use studiolution because you feel that you are being harassed by the tax office – we’ll help you.
but because you want to save time, become better and more effective and offer your Clients more service.