Pfiffi and Struppi… the scheduling & POS Software for dog salons

studiolution creates a completely uncomplicated handling of appointments and checkout in your dog salon.
Easy and convenient to use for stationary and mobile dog grooming!
All that is needed is a device, i.e. computer, laptop or Mac and an Internet connection.
You can access the system from anywhere, so you’re not tied to one device or location.

With the customer management you also have an overview of dog, mistress and master.
In addition, other functions such as marketing and online booking a special service that your Clients will love.
Be it the possibility to book appointments online or to receive a reminder of the appointment via SMS.
studiolution helps the four-legged but also the two-legged.

That is why studiolution is worthwhile for dog salons:

  • Dog hairstyles, coat care and dog accessories, deposit all treatments and products in studiolution.
  • Store Clients and four-legged info in the customer file in an easy-to-understand way.
  • Tie dog haircuts and grooming to available equipment, equipment and rooms.
  • Accounting made easy: cash book, cash closing and monthly closing with just a few clicks.

The master & mistress card index for the dog salon

It doesn’t matter whether you have a four-legged friend, a master or a mistress – you can simply add Clients to your customer file. Important information about the dog’s breed, size and preferences can be easily left in the comments field for future visits. It can always be traced what treatment the dog received during its previous visits.

In this way, the preferences of the dog and the dog owner can be addressed. In addition, important notes, such as fears of the dog can also be recorded, so that every visit is a pleasure for the four-legged friend.

Our customer file app can also be conveniently used to let Clients deposit their data and that of their dog in self-service. Simply put a tablet in the hand of the dog owner during the treatment and ask for additional information.

A privacy policy can also be stored in the tablet app, which customers can confirm directly themselves. This allows all areas of the dog salon to be digitized. By the way, you can create a questionnaire to query a wide variety of topics.

All treatments of the dog salon under control

Dog hairstyles and treatments of all kinds can be clearly arranged according to service groups. studiolution creates an overview by allowing services to be created according to breed, dog size or coat length for the dog salon.

In addition, all articles of the store can also be inserted in the POS System. This also allows you to manage dog care or accessories. If you want, you can even maintain the stocks via studiolution and use it as an inventory aid, for example.

In the appointment book, each employee has their own appointment column and can work with their own duty and break times. Split appointments can also be used to distribute different treatments per dog among employees.

  • Clear arrangement of treatments in groups
  • All dog treatments and products, such as coat care and dog accessories at a glance
  • Employees can be assigned to the treatments in the dog salon according to their skills

Financial accounting – very simple, I promise!

Through studiolution, all cash and non-cash payment transactions are recorded. The cash book is automatically carried for the dog salon. The monthly statement can also be sent to the tax advisor in no time at all. All bookings for the month are sent digitally by e-mail and can then be uploaded to DATEV pre-accounted by the tax consultant.

This saves time and costs. The tax consultant does not have to create each entry individually. This, of course, reduces the amount of work for the dog salon and the tax advisor. Our POS System is also GoBD compliant.

studiolution also provides interesting financial reports and statistics that can be very interesting for dog salons and salon management. This allows you to generate simple reports such as sales per employee, but also more precise statistics on a wide range of areas. For example, the key figures for the utilization of the salon or even the weekday with the highest sales can be determined.

Salon Equipment & Equipment

Often, certain treatments for dogs are tied to equipment such as trimming tables or special bath tubs and other equipment. When resources are entered into the system, it detects how many devices are available and prevents overbooking. This ensures optimal use of resources. Most of the time, when working with several colleagues, you lose track of what equipment is available at all.

Assume that in the appointment book several appointments will be created at the same time, exceeding the number of tubs. Then the appointment book will give the dog salon the message that the appointment can no longer be booked. As a result, you never have to worry about misplanning again. Available equipment also plays a role when salons choose to let their Clients book themselves online. Because even then studiolution keeps an eye on the available devices.

The online booking site for your dog salon

Keeping your dogs and phone under control at the same time is anything but easy. However, hiring a receptionist is often not worth it. studiolution makes creating appointments a breeze, especially when it comes to recurring appointments or regular customers.

With online booking via studiobookr , additional relief can be created. Clients can use it to book treatments for their dogs themselves around the clock. No additional registration with password is necessary for this! The appointment book feels like itself and you have more time for the four-legged friends. More utilization and less stress about scheduling. Did you know that 42% of appointments are booked between 6pm and 9am? Online booking is also included in the package price.

If you still have doubts about online booking, check out our article “We uncover: The 5 myths of online booking”.

Customers can easily book appointments at the dog salon online.

Accessories – get off to an optimal start!

studioluion also offers hardware such as scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers in different designs and colors for your dog salon to get off to a perfect start. Of course, we also help with the setup of the hardware via remote maintenance. Our customer support is also included free of charge.

Since studiolution simply works via an Internet connection, the choice of end device: PC, Mac or tablet, is up to everyone.