studiolution for the cosmetics industry

The studiolution appointment and POS System can be optimally adapted to the conditions of beauty salons.
In addition to appointments, the digital software solution also makes it possible to collect payments for treatments or sell products.
It is also possible to manage Clients.
There is even a special customer file app for this, which is seamlessly integrated into the POS System.
Clients can enter their own data on the tablet and this can be retrieved in real time at the checkout.
Operation is child’s play for cosmeticians and very intuitive.
Thanks to our free service, there is always someone to talk to if there’s ever a problem ­čśë

The advantages for beauty salons

All you need is a device of choice – computer, laptop, Mac or tablet with an Internet connection. Basically, thanks to the cloud solution, you can access your data from anywhere. All this can be done without complicated installation. Hardware such as receipt printer, cash drawer or barcode scanner can be purchased optionally.

  • Easy checkout of beauty treatments and beauty products
  • Tie beauty treatments to beauticians depending on qualifications
  • Beauty care management with stocks

Appointment book for beautician

Booking appointments made easy! Beauticians depend on clean scheduling and at the same time on the knowledge about their Clients. The studiolution appointment book combines both. One click on the customer name in the appointment opens the customer file – another click lets the appointment be cashed immediately. The times of the treatments can be deposited, so that the appointment allocation works particularly fast. Changes of the dates are possible at any time in 5 min steps.

The system creates a better overview and ensures that overbooking is avoided through integrated resource management. Of course, you can access the appointment book from anywhere – even in the evening from your sofa. During checkout, the data from the appointment is transferred directly to the cash register – there is no need to type in the cosmetic treatments again.

If you would like to create even more relief, use the online booking via studiobookr. Through them, Clients can book appointments on their own and around the clock. In this way, the appointment book fills up as if by itself. In addition, one has the choice of which services and employees may be booked online at all. Consultation-intensive services that vary greatly in price, for example, such as pigmentation, can deliberately not be booked online.

  • Overview through employee columns in the appointment book, performance groups and symbols.
  • Intelligent resource management for devices and rooms avoids overbooking.
  • Tie services to cosmetologists according to qualifications.

Customer database – the secret weapon for cosmeticians

Working with a clear customer file is a blessing. In our analyses, a well-maintained customer file is a clear indication of a successful beauty salon. The nice thing is that a lot of data in the customer file fills itself. Every appointment and every checkout process writes data to the database. That is, it becomes very easy to determine what treatment Clients had on a given date three years ago. In addition, numerous statistics are based on this data to help cosmetologists become better.

With the knowledge about the customers and the direct integration into the cash register and the appointment book, the interaction with the customers also changes. For example, the value of the Clients is displayed in the customer file and you can see very quickly whether you should rather serve the Clients one – or rather two cups of coffee.

Of course, all future treatments can also be easily printed out from the customer file. But if you work with appointment SMS anyway, you might not need it at all. The comment fields also make it possible to store additional info, such as the children’s names, favorite drink, or other preferences. In this way, beauticians have a source of knowledge at their fingertips that helps to make the service even better and thus turn customers into referrers and return customers.

By the way, it’s even easier with our
customer file app
which allows Clients to easily create their data in self-service. Using a tablet, for example, Clients can use their waiting time to enter their data and confirm the privacy policy. A questionnaire can also be stored in the app. This can be used for digital anamnesis to learn more about Clients and their needs. The use of questionnaires can be very important for cosmeticians, e.g. to find out about needs, intolerances or allergies.

Manage rooms and equipment in beauty institute

A free period in the schedule, does not always mean that every treatment is feasible. It often depends on, for example, the number of treatment rooms or special equipment. Often this results in overbooking. studiolution prevents through the intelligent
resource and device management
avoid double bookings.

Are there, for example, only a limited number of devices for micro needling or other apparative treatments? No problem, just tie the resources to the services and the appointment book closes as soon as you want to book a treatment that exceeds the number of available resources.

This means never again having to worry about a client standing in the institute and not being able to be treated due to lack of resources. studiolution keeps track of times, rooms and equipment.

Marketing made easy

Marketing tools enable personalizable appointment reminders, birthday greetings, and more. studiolution can do more than just appointment book and cash register! Marketing campaigns can be implemented with little effort via email or SMS in just a few minutes.

For this, there is a selection of automatable SMS for Clients. These are tied to certain triggers, such as an appointment or a birthday. Cosmeticians can decide for themselves which trigger they want to activate. In addition, the text per SMS can be designed by the user.

SMS or email campaigns are another convenient marketing asset. The selection of filters allows the message to be addressed to a precisely defined target group. For example, you can contact Clients who have not been back for 90 days, or you can write to the VIP Clients with the highest sales and make a little
discount campaign
for the next facial treatment.

  • Appointment reminders
  • Email campaigns for events, sweepstakes and much more
  • Birthday SMS
  • Thank You SMS & Rating Reminders

Accounting times simple!?

No more fear of cash statements, cash book or monthly financial statements. studiolution performs the preparatory accounting automatically in the background. Accounting can thus be completely digitalized and works without any paper at all!

Each entry is recorded with a clean account assignment. If you take care of the daily cash closing, the monthly closing can be sent to the tax consultant in less than 1 minute. The whole thing is already pre-accounted and in DATEV standard format. This makes not only the beauticians happy, but also the tax consultants.

By the way – what can a tax consultant actually cost today? Curious?

BABOR POS powered by studiolution

Special feature for all BABOR Clients

For all cosmetic studios that have BABOR products in their system, there are special advantages in using studiolution. In partnership with BABOR, there is the BABOR POS system.

The great advantage for BABOR Clients is that up to 100% reimbursement is possible via Premium Business Support (BPS). The crediting of hardware is also possible.