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studiolution and BABOR are a team in the field of management software for cosmetic studios. The result is the BABOR POS system, which expands studiolution to include functions such as the BABOR customer card. And best of all: the costs for studiolution are covered by an advertising grant from
with up to 100 % within the scope of the respective claim. refunded.

  • With the cloud-based system, your BABOR article master always remains up-to-date.

  • Future system of the electronic BABOR customer card.
  • Active end consumer approach via e-mail, SMS, etc.
  • Extensive voucher management.
  • Analysis and support of joint marketing activities.

You have questions? Feel free to check out our FAQ section. Alternatively, you are welcome to email us at any time or call us at: 0911 13133518

Have questions about your advertising grant? Then use our contact form and BABOR will contact you directly.

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What is a cloud cash register?

A cloud checkout works like a regular website – like Amazon or Facebook.
You log in with a username and password from any location – and you’re already in your store and can cash out, schedule, etc.
So there is no need to download and install any software at all. All data is stored securely online.
In case of device damage, theft, etc., you can simply continue with another device and all data is still available.
All updates are also automatic.

Here’s what studiolution can do for you!

Dates and products in seconds

All BABOR products directly in the
System with management.

With resource management and integrated online
Appointment booking for your customers.

Appointment reminder via SMS, birthday SMS
as well as e-mail marketing integrated.

NEW: Customer Index App
for the digital anamnesis.

Sales, successes, evaluations and
Month-end closing per click.

Your advantages

  • Analysis & support of marketing activities

  • Certified GoBD compliant cash register

  • Device independent use

  • Automatic updates

  • DATEV export for the tax consultant

  • Free phone and email support

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

studiolution offers a very comprehensive software with very good service. Probably the most important thing, however, is that the two companies simply fit together very well in terms of mindset and future orientation. This creates added value on both sides, such as product enhancements in studiolution or support for the digitalization of BABOR institutes.
More info about the partnership

BABOR has a unique program to support cosmetic institutes. This is called BABOR advertising cost allowance (=WKZ). Depending on the individual agreement between the institute and BABOR, the costs for studiolution can be included in the WKZ and reimbursed with up to 100% (except SMS costs – these are not eligible). For the details of your personal agreement, please contact your BABOR representative.

Just click on“Try” in the upper right corner and register. The test account expires completely automatically after 30 days.

Yes. Above all, it revolves around customer data. Of course, these must be exportable from the “old” system. However, this should normally not be a problem – otherwise we can gladly provide support. You can simply send us the data and we will import it. We also help with other things like the services and products. We can also import these.

By the way: We recommend exporting all tax (office) relevant data from the old system. This includes especially journals, GOBD/ GDPDU reports, cancellation book, etc.. You should save these on a stick, CD, etc., so that you have these data again on demand. Especially for systems that are not in the cloud, but on the computer, this data should be stored again separately. This is because these data must be kept for 10 years -but the shelf life of computers is usually not 10 years….

We can easily import the products from BABOR. In addition, we offer together with BABOR a special service with which we can also obtain and update the products for you directly from BABOR. As soon as there is a new product list, you will receive a notification in the pulse. Just send an e-mail to the support and the list will be imported into your system with one click.

Normally yes. Most receipt printers are addressed via USB. This should work easily with a normal PC or Apple Mac. Just talk to us about it. We can clarify this quickly in a phone call.

The cash drawer is connected to the receipt printer. I.e. this also controls the opening of the cash drawer. So if the receipt printer works, the cash drawer works too. It is similarly easy with scanners, since they are normally just plugged in and work immediately. The scanner must run in the so-called “HID” (as a keyboard). However, this is the default setting for most scanners anyway.

By the way, we will help you connect the old (or new) hardware. Just give us a quick call and we’ll help.

More info about accessories

The costs for studiolution are simple and transparent – no fine print, no notice periods. The best thing to do is to look under prices

There are no service or setup fees. Our service is of course free of charge and usually nice ­čśë


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