Recap April Fools’ Day 2023

Ok, ok – as some of you have already already noticed, PheroFlow was not meant entirely seriously. 😇 We hope you enjoyed our little prank and – we certainly did.

Of course, deep down we all want a miracle product to make customers come back to our stores more often. Ultimately, this is exactly what we focused on with studiolution from the very beginning. Aside from our comprehensive management software, our team are always here for you providing support, guidance, and training.

So thanks again for being good sports and for joining in the fun. 🤍

In case you missed our April Fools’ prank, you can have a look below 🙂 Have fun reading! ☺️

PheroFlow is our new product for the beauty industry. For the past 2 years, we have been working with our partner laboratory to develop a product that will increase customer satisfaction and make customers come back.

Return rate
Higher product sales

Smells like success!

PheroFlow consists almost exclusively of pheromones that specifically stimulate the frontal lobe of the human brain. Unlike the pheromones in perfumes, the concentrate enhances the sense of well-being and does not promote sexual attraction.

The phenomenal effect of PheroFlow. Our tests in over 100 salons and practices show:

A 30% higher return rate to the stores and an increase of 17% higher product sales.

The application is similar to fragrance oils – except that no one can smell anything.

Positively Increases the sense of well-being. Positive effect on team members as well.

Certified according to ISO 22716.

Order now

Order now

The first 200 orders get PheroFlow for only 49,00 € instead of 89,00 €.

Hurry! The demand is great!

Optional accessories


For optimal effect we recommend 1 x PheroFlow per 10 sqm.
We recommend our range extender for more range.


There are three different ampoules to refill with different scents for 29 € – all completely odorless.

Range extender

For only 19 € you get our small trolley (30 x 30 cm), which you can easily pull through the store on a string. This increases the range by up to 100%, depending on the train speed. Since this reduces the efficiency, we recommend placing at least two PheroFlows in the carriage.

Range Extender Extender

Via the range extender extender you have the possibility to link up to 2 trolleys and thus pull up to 4 PheroFlows through the store. The range extender -extender consists of a cord 7.6 cm long, which is hung between two range extenders via a magnetic connector and costs 8 €.

All-Day Lifetime:

PheroFlow runs on 4 AA batteries and thus has an all-day lifetime of up to 10 hours. We recommend using rechargeable batteries. In our store you can get both for 10 €.

All-Day Lifetime Extender:

So that you don’t have to worry about anything, there is the All-Day Lifetime Extender for the range extender for 12 €. It’s a special battery pack that costs you a PheroFlow slot in the range extender, but gives you an awesome 2 Day Lifetime as a result.

(Coming soon) Defuzzer:

The range extender should only be pulled on smooth surfaces. Hair on the floor can clog the wheels and cause serious vibration in the atomizer. In addition, in a few weeks there will be an additional product for 14 €, which pushes the hair aside like a kind of snowplow.

To the store

Convince yourselves. It’s worth being quick because the first 200 orders will get PheroFlow for only €49.00 instead of the regular price of €89.00. All prices are excl. VAT